Social Media Goes Anti-Social

Drew Chapin
1 min readMay 17, 2023

As it relates to social media and internet use, it appears the world has signaled a shift in priorities, one that spells danger for players in social media.

As I write in my post on Benzinga:

“Daily time spent using the internet decreased to a six-year low when it dropped 5% quarter-over-quarter at the end of 2022. It seems many (especially in the United States) have reached a saturation point with too many feeds, too much screen time, and are starting to focus elsewhere.”

The reasons are several: saturation, an acknowledgement that social media is not good for mental health, on and on.

The way this has manifested itself is not simply in less usage but also in usage shifts itself. Social networks focused on niche audiences are thriving while the all-in-one solutions taper off.

It appears the replacement for Twitter isn’t any one solution but several, one silo for each of your interests and needs.

Anti-social? Perhaps. Sure to accelerate the polarization in the greater discourse? Perhaps. But that’s where we find ourselves here in 2023.

More over on Benzinga: Social Media Goes Anti-Social In 2023 As Social Vertical Reaches Its Decline Stage.



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