Building Your Marketing Stack in Unexpected Ways

Drew Chapin
2 min readMay 16, 2023

Building the marketing stack for your new ecommerce shop is daunting enough — it seems everyone has an opinion on the best plugins or strategies and they all seem to cost a small fortune. I’m not here to add another one of those to your plate.

What I am here to write about (as I did in more detail over at Hacker Noon this week, link at bottom) is a recent experience I had building a direct-to-consumer store where I discovered an unlikely tool had joined the marketing stack: the payment gateway.

The short of it is this: each of those crypto coins, tokens, and projects have management teams whose chief interest is growing their user-base. Most have a great interest in building upon the utility of their coin or token but lack the employee headcount and firepower to onboard new B2B partners in a meaningful way. And I don’t mean just the small, upstart projects — this is the case with many coins and tokens in the top 100.

By installing a good crypto payment gateway (which is finally easier than ever — took long enough), you can find the right partner project and lean in. Ideally, you find a project that ties in with your product or service and is a natural fit. Join their communities. Let them know you’re there.

Management of that coin or token will(/should) embrace you. The community should be stoked to have a new utility. And you’ll have a whole lot of new eyeballs and interest in your site. The rare triple-win.

The larger point, though, is this: keep your head on a swivel and be open-minded to what could represent the next great marketing opportunity. You never know where that’s going to come from.

The article I wrote on Hacker Noon can be found here: The Newest Tool in Your Marketing Stack: Your Payment Gateway.



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